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If you like video game, check these guys out!

Listening to Level Playing Field is just like sitting around talking with your nerdy friends. You can tell this group of friends really enjoys gaming and they bring a lot of interesting and varied opinions to the conversation! I love the 50 Questions episodes and their episode on hot takes. Definit…

Love the show

I love this show and their take on video games and that they have different hosts with different opinions. A great casual gaming podcast that has something for everyone.

Refreshing Take in the Gaming Space

So many of the podcasts in the gaming space come from outlets that are talking about games from the perspective of those who are professionals in the field, with all the perks that brings (such as getting most major releases for free and playing those releases on the clock). The aim with this podca…

A Genuine Love Of Games

It’s not always the same crew hosting but every person that you hear on this podcast does love video games. Each episode they do a deep dive into what they are playing now and their experiences which is extremely enjoyable. For an introvert such as myself that doesn’t get to gush about my favorite …

Superb Gaming Podcast

Now that I've listened to almost every episode released to date for this podcast (excluding spoilercasts for games I have yet to play), I finally feel ready to provide a review. Level Playing Field a fantastic gaming podcast with a great amount of variety. The passion and knowledge of those on th…

Great podcast on a fun hobby!

Conversations on the hobby of gaming that range from deep dives on specific games to personality tests. These guys have a good time and you can tell they’re passionate about the subject matter. Check them out if you enjoy video games and surrounding topics.

Fun group chatting about games

Great gaming podcast!